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Monday, February 8, 2010

Family night = Who Dat?

Sunday is family day for us.  We serve and worship the Lord together on Sunday mornings.  Lunch is sometimes out, sometimes at home, but we're together most of the time.  My children all work, but all told their employers when they hired, that they would need to be off on Sundays (and Wednesday nights, too).  Sunday nights are laid back, our church does not have Sunday evening services.  Many times, Sunday night means we have our kiddos (and others) hanging out for a sporting event on TV, or game night, movie night, or just hanging out!  But, last night was just a little different for us.  My husband is from Louisiana, south Louisiana, really south Louisiana.  His hometown is between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  This means that it was the Who Dat nation at my house during the super bowl!  My children are all AVID Saints fans, and his family keeps them supplied with Saints apparel.  I was really even a little afraid to have friends over, they are serious fans, so I didn't know if they could be polite hostesses.  Here they are with a half time event (not Who fans).

Brittany made cupcakes & Bryan & Michael were trying out the gel icing - Saints logo, of course!

So much fun!  Family means the most to me.  Father God has blessed us, and we cherish our time together.
color with love,


  1. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. My husband was for the Saints, too. Last week when we went to visit our son and his family in Nashville he was trying to get our granddaughter to say "who dat" instead of "what's that" that she says aaaaaallllll the time! Those cupcakes look really good to me since I am staying away from sweets right now.

  2. i LOVE our sundays! and just cus WHO DAT!!!
    love you