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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Eve of Christmas Eve

It's been a while.  I'll tell you why....I've been trying to work on the look a bit before the big blog reveal.  Still so tech challenged that it's still not done, ughhhhh.

What a crazy day!  I started at Dick's Sporting Goods, picked up a couple of little things.  Then on to Gordman's - they didn't have what I went for.  Then....on to Walmart, just for stocking stuffers!  Called to check on Daddy & Nana, oh no.....Nana still can't get her email, so off to Palomar.  I updated her computer several weeks ago, which changed the look of her AOL, she has not been able to get her email since that time.  Bless her heart, I helped her find it again.  I drew her a little picture this time, I didn't really want have the updated version, I knew it would confuse her.  But, all is well now, I think.

Grant & Bryan are chillin', Jenny is downstairs with Brit, and I'm going to pick up Michael from Wills.  Another fun day with my crazy bunch, love it!

color with love,

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