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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas '09

This has been a wonderful Christmas season!  We had some of the same traditions and some new ones.  All of them wonderful and fun!  I tell myself all the time "life is short, make the most of it!".

We always put our tree up Thanksgiving weekend.  Our tree is a traditional mix of all kinds of things.  Lots of multi colored lights and old and new ornaments.  Each year the kiddos pick a new ornament, one they will take with them when they have their own tree someday.  We have old ornaments, even one I made when I was in the second grade, new ornaments that catch our eye, and gift ornaments from friends & family.  My tree skirt is a hand made felt skirt, with hand stitched felt shapes & lots of sequins.  My great aunt made it for my Mom.  I was blesssed with this treasure when my Mom passed away.  She also made us each a stocking when we were born, and one for our beloved when we married.  For some reason when the boys were born, I decided to break from tradition and use a "kit" for their stockings - what was I thinking?  This year I would be blessed with the opportunity to add one more.  Brittany would be with us on Christmas morning this year!  I finished her stocking in the wee hours on
December 23rd and cherished each minute I spent beading and stitching her
stocking, just as I did with Bryan & Michael's.

Another tradition we have came from my mom, she always made homemade waffles on Christmas morning.  Not the mix kind, but the kind from beaten egg whites and baking powder!  I tried to sneak in the mix, didn't work!  We have a relaxed afternoon meal with Honey Baked Ham for sandwiches, chips & simples sides.  This allows me to enjoy the day with my family, I like that.

For the first time, we went to the movies on Christmas night!  We went to
see Sherlock Holmes with friends, and had a wonderful time!  I worked at the cinemas when I was in school, but I had forgotten how busy it is on holidays.

Everything is packed away, ready for next year.  Now, I'm thinking about things to do and make for Valentine's Day!

color with love,

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