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Thursday, November 12, 2009

All my children!

The kids are all working and in school and busy, busy, busy!  This day was no different.  The boys got up, headed out for school - reminding me on the way out to be there at 11:00.  Brittany was up, and getting ready for work when I left.  I went to work for a little while, then made sure to have Bryan (Sr) and be at TC by 11.  One of my "other" children had a very special event going on at school this morning.  Grant was signing his letter of intent today!  Yay - he's officially a Wildcat!   His proud parents looked on as he accepted the offer to play tennis at the University of Kentucky.  What a blessing!  About 100 passes to attend this special event were handed out to students so they could come join Grant for this big day.  We joined Grant, his parents, my boys and 7 other friends went to lunch to celebrate.  His TC coach joined us, too. 

 Michael drove me to deliver a meal to two families from church tonight.  He is doing great, he hasn't driven as much at night, so this was a good opporunity to work on that.  After that, he talked me into letting him go to a movie with Grant & Todd tonight, fun! 

Bryan should be home soon, he had to work tonight.  He spent most of the afternoon playing basketball with his friends.  Most of them had checked out of school early to go to lunch with Grant, so there was quite a crowd here.  They are such a great group of kids, we are blessed.

Brittany is at work tonight, too.  She has a very long day today, she worked from 10-2 at Hobby Lobby, then 4-close at Outback.  She is very good at both jobs, I know they are pleased to have her. 

I love all my children so much!
color with love,

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